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Advanced SEO for Blogger Settings Step by Step [Increase Ranking]

SEO for Blogger Full Settings Guideline - Get free huge organic traffic and rank in Google  

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Giant search engines like Google use an algorithm to try to push relevant results to the top of the page so a user types in search box they will get many links on particular search topics.

The algorithms work are usually closely guarded trade secrets but there's enough public knowledge for webmaster tools to attempt to tune their pages boost their position in the search engine results.
SEO for Blogger Full Settings Guideline - Get free huge organic traffic and rank in Google

SEO is helping search engine index and analyze your website so Visitors can easily identify what is your website is about and how and how it relates to different search terms.

SEO is the process of helping the search engines organize the World Wide Web providing searchers with the information, services and products they are looking for.

Best Seo for Blogger :

You must read all those instructions carefully step by step :

First, you have to go blogger dashboard or type www.blogger.com

Step 1:

Click on Settings section
Now click on Basic

Title: Give the appropriate title of your website
Description: Click on edit and give a description of your website, which types of websites you have created, max 500 characters you can write and then click on Save Changes.
Privacy: no need to change anything
Blog Address: You can set up a third-party URL for your blog otherwise keep unchanged.
HTTPS: Select Yes. You must always turn on https redirect.
And keep unchanged the rest of the items.

Step 2:

Post, Comments, and Sharing :


Show post at most: write number 7/8/9 according to your template
Keep unchanged others two options.

Comments :

Comment location: Select embedded
Who can comment: Select user with google account
Comment Moderation: Select always and give your email address
Show word verification: Yes
Comment Form Message: Click on add and write this message "Please do not enter any spam link in the comment box "

Click on Save Settings on the Above Right Sidebar.

Step: 3

Posting using email: Select Disabled
Comment notification email: type your email
Finally, click on the Save setting

Step 4:

Language and formatting :
Language: select English (United Kingdom)
Enable transliteration: Select enable to select the language you want to translate.

Formatting :
Time zone: select according to your country
Then you can change or keep unchanged other options and click on Save Settings.

Step 5:

Search Preference :
Most important part:

Meta tags:
Description: click on edit and give a description of your website within at most 150 characters.
Error and redirects: keep unchanged
Crawls and indexing :
Custom robots.txt: click on edit and enable Yes custom robots.txt content

Now open a new tab on your browser
Type blogger sitemap
or go to https://ctrlq.org/blogger/

Paste your full URL of blogger website
and click on generate a sitemap and copy the code
Back to previous tab custom robots.txt box paste the code here and click save changes.

Custom robots header tags: Enable custom robots header tags to select Yes
First row mark √all
Second-row mark √noodp

Archive and search pages:
First row mark √noindex
Second-row mark √noodp

Default for post and pages:
First row mark √all
Second-row mark √noodp

Now click on save changes.

Monetization :
This needed only when Google Adsense gives you ads.txt file

Custom ads.txt; Enable custom ads.txt content select Yes
Copy code from ads.txt file and paste it here and click save changes.

How to add website on google:

Google search console click on edit then Google webmaster page will open and click on Add property then select property type then domain side paste your domain name without https and must exclude/sign then click on continue.
Then your website ownership will be verified.

Now click on the Google search console three-dot menu and click on Sitemaps then Add a New Sitemap
Enter your website URL and type sitemap.xml
e.g. https://whatsapplinkjoin365.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml and then click on submit

Now you have successfully added your website to Google Search Console.

Step 6:

Again go to blogger dashboard, go to theme and go to other
You don’t need to change anything except Google analytics property ID

How to add your website to Google Analytics :

Click on the link https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/ or type google analytics in search engine

Then click on sign up
Create account
Account name: Give your website name
By default Mark on Web no need to change then click on next
Then give website name and address and choose industry category, choose a reporting time zone
And click on create
Now select your country
Then mark on all terms and conditions.
Finally click on I Accept.
Now copy your tracking id and paste it to blogger >settings>other>google web analytics id and click on Save setting

And you will have a javascript code copy this and paste it in the theme
Theme >edit theme > <head> enter and paste this copied.

Step 7
User setting: keep this unchanged.

This advanced settings  will help you get huge traffic and rank your pages in Google

Now, You have all done.

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