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Create a Free Blog Website on Blogger Professionally

To Create a Free  Blog Website on Blogger Complete Guide  Step By Step and earn money


What is the blogger?

Blogger is a service of Google that is used for multipurpose blogging on different topics for targeted visitors. It is hosted by Google anyone can use this service freely without any cost.Blogger subdomain is known as blogspot.com

How to create a blog on blogger:

Demo Website to view the demo blog before opening the blog.

What you need:

1.A Gmail Account Must

You must have a Gmail account in order to create a blog on blogger. Your Gmail account is mandatory. Nowadays everyone has an email account if you don't have a Gmail account then go to www.gmail.com and follow the instructions and fill up the sign-up form.

2. A good browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Puffin, etc.. browser ) *
Chrome browser recommended

3.Good Internet connection

4.Patience and a little use of your brain

Following the next steps:
There are given screenshots you must follow for better understanding

Open Blogger Page

You must sign in to your Gmail account and go to www.blogger.com
Then there will be open a page as showing on the screenshot
Then simply click on Create Your Blog

Step 2:
Create Your Blogger Profile
Google + plus service is closed so select custom profile and give all the information in the required box.

Step 3:
How to Add Title and website address

Give your blog website appropriate title in the Title box (You should decide which types of blogs you will write in your blogger website like technology-based, Android apps, educational, news, online shopping, movie, WhatsApp link sharing etc.)

Then set up your website address in the adress box.You should choose a simple,easy to remember and appropriate website address for your website visitors.
Like (Yourwebsitename.blogspot.com)

Then select the Awesome Inc Theme from theme section.

Finally click on the Create blog.

Dashboard Description:  

After creating the blog then go to Dashboard or type www.blogger.com now there will be Dashboard.The main page of blogger is known as dashboard. 

View Blog: Clicking here will show you the main page of your blog. After any setting you can click on this View Blog to see how it looks with the blog. Basically View Blog is the home page or mirror of your home blog.

View Posts: By clicking here you will see how many total posts and a page or page of the category in which they are posted. As well as the details of how many times a post was viewed and when it was posted. You can see more here that the post has not yet been published as Save Draft form.

New Post: If you want to make a new post, clicking on New Post will bring up a new page. The headline of the post, the main post is to publish.

Pages: Here you can publish a new topic by publishing a page and publishing the pages you have created before and you will see a statistics on how many times each page has been viewed.

Comments: See how many people comments  and how many have been published. You will also see how many comments are waiting for your moderation.

Stats: If you go to the statistics, how many pages of your blog have been viewed today, how many pages have been viewed yesterday, this month, and how many pages have been viewed in total so far, where visitors come from and to get a complete statistic through a link.

Earnings: You can earn money from your blog by using Google AdSense. For this you have to approve Google Adsense account.

Layout: You can add new information or columns to your blog's heading, sidebar by clicking on Add a gadget.

Theme: By going to the Theme option you can apply your blog template and apply it. Here you can preview your blog and then select your blog template.

Settings: Settings are the most important options. You can set the URL or address of your blog by going to Settings. You can set the content of the comment. You can set many other things here, including time settings  add site to google search console etc.

How To Set Up Template or Theme to Blogger :

First you have to download a template theme for blogger website.You will get millions of theme or template by searching in google.

If you want premium blogger template free, you'll find premium templates free in our websites.
 But I have found a good free theme for you guys.
Download the theme :

Needmag Blogger Template

After downloading the theme you have unzip the zip file by extracting.

In this theme you will have a instructions file name how to install template - for your easy understanding what to do.
you will find a file . xml extension
like theme-146788....9999.xml
But there will be the file name as needmag free version.xml

How to upload theme on blogger:   
Now go to your dashboard or simply type www.blogger.com

Then scroll down and click on Theme option

Now click on the three dot option
Now click on Restore
Click on Upload
Choose . xml file and upload it and your theme is restoring and you have
completed uploading your theme.

Now again click on three dot and go to mobile settings

Then theme>choose mobile theme mark desktop and click Save.

Now go to your dashboard and click on view blog you will see new design of your blog.

How to edit theme or use of Layout section:

In the layout section you can edit your theme design.This is basically theme designer.You can add, remove, rearrange and edit gadgets on your blog.
Go to Every option and click on edit and provide your own information and click on save.
There you have to editon almost all options, you have to edit your Top navigation, Logo, Main Menu Facebook and Social media icon.
After completing your edits finally click on Save icon showing in the footer.
Now to go to dashboard.

How to create pages on blogger:

You must create at least two pages

2.Contact us
Go to dashboard simply click on Pages section now click on Create a new page
Now give Title in the page title box and descriptions regarding the page in the below description box then click on publish.

Then new page will be created then click on view the page now copy the page link address bar

Now go to Layout section and go to Top navigation then edit your page link address and click save.

How to write blog post on blogger:

Go to dashboard or type 


Click on the post section.
Click on the New Post for creating your post.

If you are efficient in HTML then you can use this option otherwise use composition option.
Post Title:Give short, attractive and controversial title to your post to motivate vistors to read your post
Post Description: Write unique post to your blog and make your article as large as possible.
You can use different types of Font, Font Size,You should use Heading, Subheading for on page SEO Writing,Use Bold,Italic,Underline, Font color,You can use link,upload photos,videos,emojis,use alignment left, center, right, listing your text and use quotations to make your writing more attractive and informative to your visitor or traffic.

Go to Right side bar:

Create a label or select label according to your post, label considered as post category so create wisely

Then select schedule you can select time and date for posting later or choose automatic.

You can generate a link to your post
You can select automatic permalink or select custom permalink by your own words

Location :
You can set location of your post

Option :
You can allow reader comments compose mode and link breaks.

You can save your post as draft, or preview the post or if everything is all right finally publish your post click on Publish.

Important Tips: You must write at least unique and good article in a day.

How to earn from Blogger:

Turn your passion into profession and earn money

You can earn a lot from blog using Google Adsense.Blogger is a service of Google so it is easily get approve of Google Adsense and get lots of money.But for This you need to write unique content and copyright free content and valid traffic in your blog.
After writing 25 -30 unique and better article and receiving decent traffic then apply for Google Adsense.
Go to Earnings Section then you will see a Google Adsense interface and Click on How to Qualify for Adsense.

How to do SEO(Search Engine Optimization) on Blogger:

Also read: Advanced SEO for Blogger Settings Step by Step [Increase Ranking]

It’s easy do SEO on your blogger website and get rank in Google Search Engine.
For SEO of your Blog
Go to Settings section click on the search preference
Meta Tags click on edit
Enable search description: mark yes
Now give important keywords in the description box and click save changes.

Now Scroll down to Crawls and Indexing
Google search console click on edit
Now google webmaster tool page will will be opend
Now click on add property
Now select a property type
Domain or Url prefix
Select Url Prefix and enter your website url of domain or subdomain and click on continue.

Again go to Search preference from settings
Now Custom robots.txt click edit

Go to the link 

generate robots.txt copy code and paste
Save changes

Then custom robots header tags
Click on edit and follow the screenshot and make all changes

and click on save changes.

Now go to dashboard!

Congratulations, You have all set. 

There is no shortcut to success. You have to have patience and mindset to success and use of your brain fully.

You have all set. Now keep doing your blogging and enrich your knowledge and others too at same time get huge amount of money from your blog.

Happy Blogging.

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