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Search Engine Optimization 2020 [Full Course]

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course 2020

Here I will try to give you ideas about the SEO from the Basic level to the Advance level, although the basic rules are the same. So it is very important to know the fundamentals of SEO. SEO is one of the things that can be learned through knowledge sharing.

What is search engine optimization (SEO) and why?

There are 2 types of search result:
1.organic and
2 .paid

We will talk about organic search results here. Because it is free and paid search result, it can be spent on it


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First of all, we should know how search works.
The search engine mainly works with two components:

It mainly collects information from various websites (via spider, robot/bot), here the search engine or SE mainly follows any link, then collects the information and stores that information in their data;


Here the search engine analyzes the information received, ranking it according to the relevance and quality of the content of the page. The algorithm of SE depends on many factors. Those who are new to SEO can follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you follow the basic rules, you don't have to worry too much about SEO. We create a website for the visitor, so if you can present exactly what they want, then you will be 3-5% SEO.

Why a visitor searches?

Either they are looking for the answer to a question, or they are looking for a solution or they want to meet their needs. If you can answer their questions, solve problems or give them the information they need through your site, if you have ideas.

The SEO is generally divided into 2 parts:

On-page optimization And

Off-page optimization
Simply put, Off-page SEO what you are saying about your website is what others are saying about you.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course 2020

Use of SEO:
Suppose you have an e-Carus BD site that is currently # 1 If you want someone to type "works bd" in the search engine, then it will show up in the # 1 position - to do this you need to SEO that site. SEO is usually done using a popular search term or keyword.

What is SEO?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a set of rules or techniques by which a website can get a large number of visitors or traffic from different search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc). In fact, if you bring a website to the search engine's first page through SEO, the chances of getting a visitor are greatly increased.

To put it simply: If we want to download a song, all we usually do is search the google for that song by writing the line. Now notice that after we press the search button, google shows some website names where we can get that song. So google shows the name of the 5 websites per page.

Now you may be wondering why some sites came up on the first page, and why did the rest of the websites go to the back page.

Is Google doing what they want or is there any other reason?

Of course there is something special about the first page sites, which is not on other sites. Nothing special is SEO's strategy, which allows you to take your website to the first page. And the first page means more visitors.

Now if you want to get your brand name upside down by SEO and succeed, then this is not exactly an SEO. Because the search engine is smart and can easily distinguish your company name and keyword. And the main thing is, the more competition for that keyword, the harder it is to rank in that keyword.

This is why it is best to do some planning before starting the SEO. Suppose you open a new site that has millions of competitors already, and another site that has maybe 100 sites, now you tell me where it will be easier to compete within a million or not?

This is why it is very important to choose the right keyword for proper SEO planning of the site. If the keyword selection is not correct, you will not get the results you want. Because when a person searches for something on the search engine, he uses these search terms. So if you don't know what people are looking for, how can you meet their needs?

Why do keyword research?

1. Because people use keywords to find the solutions they need

2. SE wants to always show the best result
3. You should know what kind of keyword traffic is looking for
4. The most important reason is that keyword research tools help you find out what is being searched on the web and what is not.
There are many types of tools for keyword research. These include word tracker, keyword discovery, Google AdWords, etc.

There are many types of tools for keyword research. These include word tracker, keyword discovery, Google AdWords, etc.

Most people use Google Adwords - it's easy and fast to use.

Rules for Keyword Research:

In fact, there are no rules, there are many paid tools available in the market, which can be easily selected with the right keyword. But

Since we will not use those paid tools, we should know the basic procedure for keyword research.

There are 5 things to consider when doing Keyword Research

1. Brainstorming (Thinking About)
Thinking about my Target Market and a keyword on that topic and whether I want to compete locally or within the country, or to compete with the rest of the world
Does my target market have any link to Income, what gender, age, country, how can it affect my desired keyword?
For example: If you have a furniture store in only one district then your keyword might be "RFL Furniture" and if you have an organization like Otobi then you need to think in the context of Bangladesh.
One more thing you can do to get the right keyword selection is to ask your target customer, salespeople, friends and relatives what word they would like to search for. It may not be the technical terms you are thinking of. You can visit various online forums or blogs related to your topic. You visit your Competitor website to get ideas from what he is doing, what kind of keyword he is using and so on. Then write down your idea in a paper.

2. Sharing keywords by different topics

Create more than one keyword set per your product or service. Many times it may not be possible to do this step correctly, because unless you are doing keyword research, you will not know what another type of search term you are using. So many times this step is done even before research.

When is the benefit of research?

You can use keyword research tools to do keyword research. Choose a seed phrase in any category. Or if you have a website, you simply enter your desired URL into the google keyword research tool.

3. Compile: Now, from the keyword research tools, Export spreadsheet.bYou can re-categorize keywords if you feel necessary

4. Remove: You can exclude any non-relevant topics while the spreadsheet is open. Exclude the keyword's search count low. In this case, be careful. Ask your client if needed.

5. Determine Competitiveness: Here you have to decide whether you want more competition or less. Each Phrase has a distinct competitiveness. Now if all of you are running behind that phrase, if you follow it too, it will be difficult for you to achieve the goal. So you have to decide on a keyword from which to get the required visitors, then there will be less competition.

According to Competitiveness, phrases can be divided into 3 parts:

Highly competitive
Fairly competitive

6. Select the correct keyword

When these steps are done, you will be able to easily select your keywords. The following are the things to consider when selecting a keyword
Keep an eye on:
1.number of searches
2.relevancy to your web site (whether relevant to the website)
3. competitiveness level

Now let's start keyword research according to rules., taken from keyword research by a Seo Trainer named Jill Whalen. He did a video tutorial of Lynda.
First write the service your website provides in a word file, and then write down the goal of your website. Write more, along with the phrases we got through brainstorming. For example, read the text, text fragment.
Only then will you realize that the main purpose of the website we will be working on is to review various products of Amazon Kindle, provide information about them, as well as sell these products through amazon's affiliate program.
Now we enter the URL, ie google Adwords tool. From here we can get ideas about different keyword phrases.

Since we have already fixed some phrases through brainstorming. So we select the Descriptive words or phrases option and paste our keywords in the marked section on the right. Then tick Use synonyms and click on Get keyword ideas.

Scroll down so you can see a list like below. Then select Exact Match from Broad Match. Then we can see the result for the specific phrase.
Then click on Hide Advertiser Competition and hide local search volume from the Choose columns. Then our screen should look like the following. We will hide these two here because we will do keyword research like we do.
After hiding it will happen.
Now scroll down and click on CSV for excel. Save this file as excel. With this file we will be able to work very easily later.
Google's AdWords tool is very helpful with which we can get a lot of data for research. Of course, this tool also gives us many unnecessary keywords, which may not directly interact with our site.
Open the excel sheet and ask yourself if this keyword is appropriate for my site or if someone enters this keyword into the search engine, then Secy will find my site. If someone finds my site through a search engine, can I give them the information or service they need? Then find the phrases that are not related to your website and exclude them.
As we see here, the site we are using as an example is related to words like kindle, ebook reader, book reviews, etc. But in the end, the word kindled is not related, so we will omit it.
This way, delete all the irrelevant words and finally save the Excel sheet.
Now our job is to open the sheet that we are saving and select some of the most relevant keywords and the phrases can be divided into different categories. Now suppose we select the phrase 'electronic book reader' which is highly related to the topic of our website.
Now we will copy this keyword and use the google Adword tool according to the rules described. Then we will put these files in sheet form in an excel, which will have many benefits. Save the first file in a sheet called General Keywords and save the second file in a sheet called electronic book reader.
By doing this, select a few other categories (highly related), select the keywords related to your site through the Google Adword tool and save the sheet as excel.Open our last saved file, where we have the keyword and monthly search volume. Now our job will be to find out the competitiveness of different keywords. Here we can say that competitiveness means that it is easy or difficult to optimize a keyword.
In more detail, how many pages are competing on the web for that keyword?

So the higher the competition, the more difficult it will be to optimize the keyword. So we have to choose a keyword that is less than the keyword, but more search.

We search google by entering the kindle reviews phrase on google from the excel sheet. Then see how many results Google is showing on the right. But the results that Google is actually showing here are just kindled results, only the results of reviews, and there are two phrase combined results. Which is to say, not all pages may be optimized for kindle review phrase.

This time we will search the phrase "kindle review" in quote. See, the number of results has dropped a lot, here it is showing 5. That is, we can say that kindle review exact phrase is being used anywhere on that website. From here it can be said that the pages of these pages may not optimize for the kindle review phrase.

So we will use Google's advance search term.

Write Google Now: all in the title: "kindle reviews"

To see only 5 results show ie the title tag of these websites has the word kindle reviews. Since the title tag contains the word kindle reviews, we can assume that these sites are optimized for this phrase. Since our site is extremely relevant to this phrase, we can use it. Now we need to note a few more things.
Do a search on Google for the kindle reviews phrase and look at the results - first there is cnet.com which is very famous and has been on the web for a long time, which means it will be very difficult to compete with.
Enter the first link and see that the word kindle reviews is nowhere on this site directly, it probably means there are many backlinks to the kindle reviews phrase. If you do not understand the meaning of the backlink, no problem, we will discuss it all later. We can take this phrase.
Now Google search, there are big sites like PCWorld. So it can be said that the competition will be much harder. If you like, you can visit Google's first page of sites and see how they are optimizing their site for the kindle reviews phrase. This way, select a few more keywords and follow the same procedure to find out the number of competitors.
Then open our excel sheet and do a search by heading change in the Global Monthly Searches column and next to it is a new column called Allintitle. Now type 3 in the Allintitle column directly into the review phrase. Similarly find out the allintitle number for other keywords, realizing that this is a time-consuming matter, so think carefully and select the most relevant keywords and find out the allintitle for them. This way you can measure the competitiveness of the desired keyword for your site. Hopefully, this will help you rank better later.
Now we will open the previously created Excel file. Where there are keywords, searches and allintitle. Now to measure keyword competitiveness, we need to see if a keyword has a high number of searches and a low number of competitor (pages). It is from this that we can get our desired keyword.
Now you will find that the keyword 'electronic book reading device' has a search number of 30000 and the contestants are only 3 pages, so you can compete here, because 30000 searches is not bad at all.

Then look at the keyword 'electronic books device' which is comparatively better because allintitle is only 3 as opposed to 30000 searches. That way, find out the required keywords and green the cell of excel or you can do any other color you like. This way, slowly pick other keywords and highlight them with a green color.

Notice that this sheet contains some keywords whose searches are low and allintitle is high. We must exclude these keywords. We will keep these keywords red. For example: See 'electronic books online' this keyword is searched only for 1 competitor against 120. This keyword will compete for nonsense. This is usually the case when someone starts to optimize a keyword without doing Keyword Research.
This is why keyword research is so important, otherwise, it would be a waste of both your time and labor. So even though there is a problem with keyword research, take some time and do it correctly. Then, eventually, you will gain.  When all the keywords have been highlighted, we need to sort the allintitle column of the Excel sheet into the smallest to largest order. Then we will have many benefits.

Here are some other things to consider, for example, if your site is new, then one kind of strategy and if the site is old then another strategy should be followed. 

Generally it is assumed that if allintitle is below 1000, non-comptitive, fairly competitive up to 1000-3000, competitive up to 3000-5000 and above is highly competitive time.

So if your site is very popular and aged then you can choose either competitive or highly competitive keywords, but if your site is brand new then you must choose a non-competitive keyword. You can target fairly competitive keywords by completing that target.

If you do the right keyword research and can choose the right keyword and optimize the keyword correctly, then you can slowly see the results.

Website architecture or site architecture:

When you're done doing keyword research, your main task is to determine what your website's architecture or site architecture will look like. This is very important. The search engine determines which page is important and which is not, from the architecture of your website.
For example, we have many links to our home or front page. When search engines see that almost all pages are linked to this page, Search Engine (SE) thinks that this page is important.

Internal or Inbound linking:

Internal or Inbound linking to a page on your website is called Internal or Inbound linking. 
Internal linking is very important for site structure and SEO.
Suppose one page is referenced from your own page, and another page is referenced from 8 pages, then the SE assumes that a page with 5 inbound links is more important. In our example, for websites we use, we can highlight important product pages through internal linking.

Page Depth:

Again, the more deeply the page, or the more clickable the page is to enter, the less important it is.

Making Quality link:

This is why the top navigation, sidebar and footer links of the website are very important, because the links you use in these places can be accessed in one click.
Again, although the content of the pages of many websites changes, these sites remain the same, so these places are very important categories and Topic should be given.

Use the correct Anchor text.:

The keywords that we get from research. You can search Google for anchor text.
The SE links generally give more importance to the links at the top of the page. For example: Your Top navigation links are more important than links in Footer.
When creating a link, keep in mind that where you want to create a link is relevant to this page, if not then link to the relevant page, otherwise SE can pay you a penalty.

Setting Category and Subcategory for Websites:

You need to do keyword research to determine the category of your website. Again you can specify some categories in advance. In fact, there are no restrictive rules. You can first select the category, go to keyword research and finish the keyword and select the category. Because through keyword research we get a lot of new category ideas, which we might not have thought of.

Many categories and subcategory ideas are fixed. Again we found while doing keyword research that Kindle Accessories has a good market. So we created a new category for it and some sub-categories under it. Now let's see how we can use the list we created on our website. 

We have used in some category word, top navigation and sidebar. Through this our navigation is created, the user can access the page very easily anytime and the search engine will give these pages importance by linking to the home page.

Now we will create a new Excel sheet to do our work in a less organized way. Look at the image, create an Excel sheet like this. To enlarge the image, right-click on the image and click on View Image. Enter the main categories in the first column, then place some cell blank below, for keyword entry.

Then create subcategories. Then enter the title of the product page.

Now we will use the excel file of the keyword research we created. From now on, select the keyword, select the correct category, enter that keyword there, and enter Allintitle and Search and Write with commas. Now we will make another cell next to Allintitle, and write the pages there (typing what page this keyword is being used in).
Then create subcategories. Then enter the title of the product page.
Now we will use the excel file of the keyword research we created. From now on, select the keyword, select the correct category, enter that keyword there, and enter Allintitle and Search and Write with commas. Now we will make another cell next to Allintitle, and write the pages there (typing what page this keyword is being used in). Do other keywords like this.

Yes it will cost you a lot of time. But when it's created, you have a list that lets you know which page you're using the keyword on. Besides, when you create content for a page, you can easily focus on the keywords you need. This means that even if you waste your time on this list at first, this list will save you a lot of time later. And if you work for a client, they will be very happy to submit such a report.

Domain name is very important for SEO. It is best if you can manage the exact match domain. That is, if your keyword and your domain name are the same then you will get much higher priority in search result.

The links on your important pages are good if you are SEO friendly. Note the following URL: 

www. techtrickhd. com /category-page-keyword

www. techtrickhd. com / p/ 452

The first URL is called SEO friendly URL. Because the first link shows a lot of information like what kind of information this link might contain.
But note that the second link does not know what kind of information it contains.
Use the required keyword in place of anchor text.
However, in the case of SEO, the rules for keyword usage have changed a lot. We will discuss these later. But now Google does not give priority to the exact match domain as before. Now if your domain is not an exact match, there is no problem. However, the exact match is definitely better. If your site has important information, reasonable visitor, bounce rate is low and if you do SEO properly then you will be able to bring your site to page #1. But if the competition is high, it may take a while.
If you search Google using keywords, you will notice how the search results are, if you have not noticed the image below. How search engines are highlighting search terms.
SEO actually has some Fundamentals rules that will never change. So if you follow those rules then you will definitely succeed. You can read Google's Seo Starter Guide for this. Up

As many of you know, there are 3 types of SEO.

1.Whitehat SEO,

2. Greyhat SEO

3.Blackhat SEO

Whitehat Seo prefers search engines. The greyhat technique is actually a combination of some white and some black hat technique but currently SE does not like it and black hat technique is never liked by the search engine. Search engine is actually deceived by the black hat technique. So when the search engine realizes this, it only imposes a penalty for that website. If you want to get your site into a good end, you should definitely avoid black hat SEO.

On-Page SEO

Now we will know about on-page SEO or On-site SEO. what does the on-page SEO ?

If you don't mind, take a look again - what I'm talking about on my website is why on-page SEO and what others are saying about my website is off-page SEO.


When we create a web page, many of the HTML tags inside it - some of these tags are very important to the search engine (SE). Because these tags also measure relevance. Tags such as: title tag, h1 ... h6 tags, bold, strong etc are very important to SE and generally using these tags correctly is an important part of the on-page SEO.

HTML tags overview

Title tag: This is a very important tag. Understand that it fits the title SE.

Meta description tag: This is also useful, because what is written in this tag usually shows up in the search result, so it is important to write interesting and interesting words here. This tag was valued in the past but currently Google has no value for this tag. This is not a factor in google ranking. There are still some search engines that can count on this, but I can't give you the names of those SE. Since this tag is not supported, we will not discuss it

Header tags (H1 --- H6): These tags are important. By this we can give our desired keywords in different types of headings. Which plays a role in the search result.

Anchor text links (a href = "link"): This is also required. It creates various links and measures the relevancy of this page with the google linked page.

Image alt attributes: Very important. Because you know that search can't read a picture. So using alt tag, search engine can understand what image you are using. It also helps the visually impaired. With this you can search google image and take your place. There is also a good possibility of getting a visitor from here.

Since you are writing or editing your site's posts, you can use as many keywords as you like wherever you like. The more keywords, the more relevancy, the higher the probability of getting top rank.

No, the above-mentioned works cannot be done in any way. If you do this kind of work, your ranking will decline. Remember the first thing, we usually make a website for the visitor, so give priority to the visitor, and if the content of your site is not good and if the content is only filled with a keyword then no visitor will like your site and the bounce rate (the visitor will come to the site but the content When you get out of the site), your ranking and fall will increase and Google is now smarter than ever, it doesn't take long for Google to catch up with this keyword stuffing. So don't cheat, it's your loss. Even Google for the important keywords that are positioned on the first page, Google is manually reviewing their sites with people. So if you are thinking of going for that black hat technique then skip it.

So keep in mind the following:

Use your own wisdom when setting keywords

There is no need to give keywords everywhere

Enter keywords in a location where the keywords should be given or most relevant.

TITLE TAGS overview

The most important

Every search engine has a lot of importance to it
Use the most relevant keywords
You must specify the title of each page. If you do not separate or become one, then the search engine may penalize you for considering duplicate pages.
Let's look at the source code of our site as an example.

The title of the page is used between the tags and since this tag is at the top, its importance is also greater. Here is our main keyword used.

Again, the title tag shows what we write in the title of our browser. And it remains on top of the search as well. The weight of this tag is very close to each SE.
Let's take a look at how the search engine results look. See, search engines are showing each line of titles as a link and highlighting them. Select the title tag with the most caution.

Meta description tags

The words within this tag are indexed and keywords are sealed in the SE results. The keywords used here are used for marketing your site.

Let's look at the source code once more.
See the following words are written in Meta Description.

Meta Description: My Kindle Reviews was created to help you determine if a Kindle electronic reading device is for you, providing all reviews on my Kindle: Books, Kindle Accessories and more.

Let's do a Google search now to see if the meta description comes up. Check out the google meta descriptions show in the image below.
But there is no guarantee that Google will always work the same way. Occasionally Google, Head tags used by your site, body, strong etc. from the tag and extract the text and show the result. But if you type meta description nicely and put keyword inside it, Google will show search meta description from here. meta description There should be something holding your action.

HEADER tags (h1, h2, .....)

Use the required keywords in the header. Using the keyword in the header in such a way that it seems to be a relative. This post provides ideas about heading
But not only using the h tag, but also the other tag. Ex: bold, bold etc.
Although there is no specific proof that the SE <Hx> tags are important. But at various times, different SE specialists have shown that this tag is important.

Let's not see what this tag looks like in the source code.

When you write an article, no need to worry that you are using a tag h1, h2 or bold. When writing, simply format your writing by thinking of the reader.

Anchor Texts

This is important because the visitor and the search engine can understand where he or she is going to click on a page. SE gives it a lot of weight.
Anchor text is the clickable portion of a link. Many people use text such as Click here, Click, Check out, etc. as anchor text which is not really true, because they do not understand SE or visitor link. So you should use keyword.
Again, just using keywords, the search engine can think of keyword stuffing and pay a penalty. Therefore, anchor text should have a natural flow ie some links may have keywords, some links can click here kind words, while some anchor may have broad match or long-tail keyword.
Let's take a look at what anchor text source code looks like.

Now let's see how these links look on the Main website.

There are many more anchor text like this. We will only see Anchor text while on the Main website. Can't see the main link. So try to anchor text important keywords on your site.

Image ALT attributes

Each image must have an alt tag. The alt tag is treated as anchor text. We often use pictures of beauty in our website for various types of Anchor. So the link must use the alt tag.

Let's go back to the page source. Here, press Ctrl + F and find the search box and then enter alt as the search term.
Here is the kindle case written as alt text. But when we mouse over the picture, my kindle case is showing.
What is the reason? This is because my kindle case is given as the title of the image but kindle case is given as alt text. The search engine does not index the titles, SE only has alt text importance and alt text is especially important if the image is clickable.

How do you write a useful Title Tag:

This is a very important part of your website. Because as I said earlier this is the title of your post and the page and the search engine give it a lot of importance. It turns the search engine into a clickable link through which you enter another website from the search engine. If it is keyword rich and appealing to visitors then both rank and visitor are available in SE.
Create a word file or a text file. Write the searches and allintitle beside where you first find the important search term. This will allow you to choose your keywords. Now your objective will be how to create a beautiful title using these keywords.

I'm trying to illustrate an example for you. Hope you understand.

Try one more thing so that the title does not exceed 12-6 words. See in the previous picture the classic book has been twice so it is necessary to take the reader first.

Now look okay but must-read classic books do not have the exact phrase. So we'll try a little more. Notice how you give the popular classic books at the end.

How about giving a Must read first?

Yeah well we see we are writing two big keywords within 5 words, it has become exact match again. The rest of the keywords are typed with a hyphen (-). Search engines (hyphens, commas, exclamation points) do not count them. So you can use them freely.

Let's see what the title looks like.

META description

Again we will use keywords in the same manner and make meaningful sentences, here we can add new potential keyword from our keyword research if needed.

Now let's do a Google search and see how our meta description shows up.

What is good content?

Content is king. There is no saying that the content on our website will be all that good. There will be some good, some medium quality content. We must always try to create good content so we can hire a good article writer or write our own. In fact, which ones we would call good content?
The web site should have the relation of the content of the pages. There will be information needed for target visitors. Target visitors will have solutions to various problems.
There will be answers to various questions. The website must be informative.
Content that is only targeted by the search engine. These types of content are commonly seen, contain a large number of keywords and are created solely to increase the ranking in the search engine. This content does not meet any of the site's goals. Now Google, however, is much more difficult about this content and Google can find it better than ever, and Google has many human reviewers.
So those who did these things are already punished for it, and those who are still doing this but have no problem, become cautious.
Create content for Visitor then your goal will be met and you will also get a good rank in SE.
You can edit the old bad content of your website.

Do not create a fake page, ie a page that is not part of your website that may redirect the visitor to another page. Always write your article as clean, simple and descriptive as possible or step by step so that your target audience does not have any problem.

So write content for your website that will give priority to both your target audience and search engine. That is, make a balance between SE and content. Best of all, you write for the user and then edit the text. Place the relevant keywords in the right place.
A website does not have all the same pages, it has different pages and different types of content. Comparing websites with Brochures does not work. There is no reason to think that people know everything about you or that they are only coming to your website through a search engine. Visitors can also come from many other sources

You have to assume that the visitor does not know anything about your website or your contacts.

Information should be kept in such a way that anyone can find the exact information they need. All information must be kept in the correct place. And this is why you have to use keywords in different places of the page so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

  • home page
  • main category pages
  • subcategory pages
  • product/service pages
  • Information/articles/news/posts
  • About us page
  • Help pages

The search engine gives home pages the most weight. So you can do these tasks for the home page.

Broad and competitive keyword phrases
Use keyword-rich tag line
Directory people on other important category pages.
Here you can add information about different categories. SE gives it good importance.
You can also write different sub-categories or product pages here. Generally, larger websites require subcategory.

Product / Service Pages:

These pages typically contain information about a specific product or service, and here you can use related keywords

These pages may usually have more than one copy, since many different products or services may have similar features at times.

Information / News / Articles / Posts:

Content is usually higher than other pages Informative. Here you can show your expertise, These articles are usually not intended for sale.

Keyword research is not usually done for writing such pages. You can still do keyword research if you wish

About Us

This page usually contains information about individuals or organizations, which helps visitors to gain credibility. The general phrases on this page are usually optimized.

Help like Pages, Can optimize that page
These types of pages are usually not optimized. However, you can optimize some pages from within. For example, if your site has a page of Glossaries type you can optimize these pages.
Don't optimize that page.
Some pages should never or should not be optimized, such as the contact form page, download pages - because these pages usually lack important information. And you certainly do not want to use a page as a landing page where you do not have information about your product or service. Because of this, you should always optimize pages that contain enough information about your product/service.
Your target will be that visitors entering your site will understand that yes, I will get exactly what I want and hence optimize the important pages - as the search engine can find those pages very quickly.

How to add keywords to different articles?

This technique is only useful for those who have already written the article or submitted your article to the Writer Article - if so, you can add newly researched keywords inside with a little edit.

If you use a lot of graphics and flash on your site, then there is no need to bother keywords in these places - because not giving keywords in these places is the same. Search engines cannot read such rich content. So if you want to use keywords in these places then use Alt tags. You can also use Noscript Tag. This tag is usually not read by the browser, but SE can read content inside this tag.

Always be careful with the Graphical Headline and Taglines. Most website owners make this mistake, usually they use pictures in the header. As a result, that part of the search engine remains unintelligible. Although you can use the Alt tag in the image. See how well the Keyword is used in our example site.
This will have a huge impact on the search engine search. So stay away from pictures. Especially in the header. That's why use the keyword in Tagline and try putting it in HTML.

Give priority to website users.

Use the keyword in such a way that it seems that yes this word is here in the usual way. It's not like the keyword has to be spread around. Not even the whole article should be filled with keywords. Use your creativity when using keywords so that the article will be much more readable and search engine friendly. Think of it as a reporter look at your content and ask Who / who ? What? Where is?

The problem is to understand - let's try to understand. If we think of the example site we have said, then this site is called Our Reviews, The Device 2 Keywords.

Now ask yourself "what kind of reviews" and again you can ask "what device or what." What should be your answer, you should also use the answer such as "short story book reviews", "electronic reading device"

How to add keywords to content?

The para on the left sees it is fine no problem but if we write in an intelligent or descriptive way, then how beautiful the same content has become a keyword-rich content. I hope you can understand too.

A word is usually not counted as a keyword, so use a keyword phrase without using a single word, so you will be benefitted. For example, if there is a word called Case, it would be much more beneficial if we use these words instead of kindle case, kindle cover, kindle protection.

Use Plurals, Past Tenses, -Ing (s)

Try combining all types of a phrase as a keyword so that you get a lot of benefits. Although the search engine usually looks for plural if you search for singular, then it shows plural and singular plural. However, do not rely on it and use all kinds of keywords yourself. This will prevent you from repeatedly repeating the same keyword.

Use Singulars and Plurals

To many, it seems like a very difficult task to use singular and plural in the same post, in fact, it is a very easy task. Because we are doing this work in our daily life and there is no reason to worry about it. Check out the example below:
I ordered my kindle case at the same time, Check out the kindle cases now
Lastly, all we can say is that good web writing is very important, it is possible to get Targeted Visitor and convert them to customers.

That we have created an excel sheet in which we put the keywords in. Open the excel sheet of the keyword. Now we will rewrite a page of our example site. We first sort the keywords according to their weight and then rewrite the article. Wherever the keyword is not wasted, the article is inserted beautifully.

Now look at what the article on the website looks like. Remember:

Visitor is above all

Content is king
So write king content for your visitor.
Then insert the keyword nicely inside the text and make the search engine friendly.

At a Glance Basic of Internal Optimization

As I mentioned earlier SEO is a kind of Internal and External optimization. Doesn't seem like a new name, actually synonym of On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO has been discussed more or less already. So I thought I would recap the basics of the on-page SEO a little differently in front of you, so it would help you to understand and another reason to recap on-page SEO is that Google now puts a lot of importance on On-page optimization. There was a time when ranking was possible without having to do thousands of Backlink, but nowadays, Google is much smarter, so you have to be over smart now, but certainly in fairways. Don’t dare to Black hat SEO what died.

Internal optimization refers to how you link to other pages of your website, how the keyword density is, whether the pages are error-free, if a page is broken or not. It is often seen that due to the general linking structure or decrease in keyword density, your page may rise from 2nd page to Google.

What is Backlink?

Suppose you have two sites and the sites are named A and B. Also think that there is a link on site A which can be clicked on to go to site B - then in this case site B has a backlink and this backlink gives site A, site B.
Backlink can contain a NoFollow or Dofollow tag. Usually, if you give a backlink to a site, then when the search engine comes to crawl your site, it will link and crawl and if your page has page rank then some proportion of page rank 1 backlinked site.

Now suppose you don't want to give anyone a backlink but someone came to your site and made a comment inside it - then he got a backlink from your site. Now if you don't want to get any page rank or link juice backlinks - then you can nofollow these links. The rules for writing nofollow are -

<a href="//www.techtrickhd.com"" rel=""nofollow""> Site Name </a>

It is mainly used to link to comments from readers on various blogging sites, which prevents spammers or unwanted visitors from increasing their site's page rank. This discourages spammers from giving unwanted comments.

However, in cases where spam protection is in place, it is best not to use nofollow, so readers will be encouraged to comment and their interaction with the site will be longer. Many times, if Google sees that you have provided a do-follow link to a poor site, then Google may still pay you a penalty.

Page Rank
This is Google's standard for rating a webpage. It depends on many things. However, page rank and search engine rank are different. It is possible to rank top in search engine even with low page rank. It's not that important now. And if you search on Google you will get huge information about it.
So check the list below before starting work. Did you use these tags correctly or did you enter the content correctly? If you give it, otherwise give it well.

  • 1% to 1.5% keyword density

  • title

  • meta description

  • strong

  • em

  • h1

  • h2

  • alt

  • domain / filename

  • Create a Sitemap Ex: Image sitemap, video sitemap, text sitemap etc.

  • Reduce site loading time

  • Use Breadcrumbs

  • Interlinking

These are the links that are used to navigate from one page to another on your website.

Google decides by Anchor Text that the page that is navigating is of a type or a related page.

Here's how to write Anchor Text:

<a href="#"> anchor text </a>

The more internal links on a page, the more Google will give importance to that page.

See if the linking pattern of your page is like this, then the most links are on the Index page then there are A, B and then other pages. Now if you want to give importance to any other page then all you can do is - you can do one Internal link from page to page.
This will make Google bot visit your site when it visits and if it sees that one page is linked to many pages, then google bot will think, if this page is not important why there are so many links.
Seeing how much of reality is similar to Seo? Suppose there is a selection between two people, then who can say who will win? Yes, he said, whoever gets more votes will win. Likewise in the case of a webpage, the link is more powerful.

In addition, you need to take care of:

Links to each page do not work or are Broken.
Each image should show properly.
If your page has an error, both the search engine and your visitors will frustrate. Ask yourself, how do you feel if a link has an error?
Work Carefully. If not, the truth is always the result - such as action.

You can check your page from here. http://validator.w3.org/checklink

Always give the search engine and visitor accurate information

Link to high authority sites. Many times it may seem like a home page should not be given a follow link.
But the point is, if the site is really relevant and useful, feel free to backlink.
If you're right, don't be afraid to lose page rank.

We have already learned about On-Page SEO. Hopefully I can give you a rough idea about it. We will now know about the Off-page SEO.

Off-Page Seo

I hope you remember the simple definition of off-page SEO, what others are saying about your website is Off-Page Seo.

When you think that yes my on-page work is done, but if you are not sitting quietly, then you have to work off-page SEO. The main task of off-page SEO is to create a backlink. How can anyone create a backlink by utilizing its creativity?
Off-page SEO But not like before, which means you linked to that one overnight and moved to TopRank on Google, but not so much. Google is smart, so you have to create a backlink, but it looks like natural link building. There are many other things to keep in mind, such as link popularity, page authority, etc.

If you can build links in a natural way, you will benefit, otherwise, your chance of ranking will be lost.

How to build a natural link?

Now I will try to give you some ideas about Natural Link Build. Hopefully you will be able to invent many new methods only if you think about them well.
Suppose someone builds that link overnight, you can find out what it means - what really happened.

It's easy to say, either he bought the links with someone for money or he could have taken the link from 5 people to 5 people for money or much more. That means no one gave him a backlink saying he loved it or his content was good, paid a backlink in exchange for money, and this is not a natural event.
It was done artificially. So when Google sees that someone has become the owner of many backlinks overnight, Google does not take it well. May penalize your website at any time.
Here, of course, the proverb is old is gold. For example, if Wikipedia generates 3 thousand backlinks a day, Google will not mind because it is a very old and informative site, but if you create that link on your new site every day, you can still suffer penalties. So be careful. Ask yourself - how many links you can create in one day - don't be too caught up in how many links you create.

Suppose your site is a brand new site, you thought, yes I will create 5 backlinks a day then there will be natural flow. Yes it's natural but thought of what a backlink means, a backlink means getting a link from someone else. What I mean is, if your site has 4 unique visitors per day, and if you create a backlink, it also means that it is not a natural flow, you are creating it yourself or creating it with someone else.

So what do you do?

The most important thing is if you create a backlink to three-thirds of the number of visitors to your site. For example, if your visitor is 5 then you can create 5 to 20 backlinks daily. Hopefully your ideas are slowly clearing. I may not be able to tell you all the terms of time or lack of time, so if I use any new words and if you have trouble understanding it, please search Google. Hopefully the result of number 1 will get the meaning of these words. For example, here I used the term Unique visitor but did not give any explanation.

Then think of our example site's main keyword is My Kindle reviews, so if you think yes all my backlinks will have anchor text written in my kindle reviews. Then you make a big mistake. Because not all anchor text on a site's anchor text can be the same, Google will easily assume that you are doing keyword stuffing.

So when using Anchor text, be aware that it has a variation. For example, maybe 5% used exact keyword, 20% broad match, 20% LSI keyword (electronic reading device related to this kindle but a little differently, google with LSI keyword finder), 5% general keyword (click here, check out this etc). If you format your site's Anchor text this way it will be much more natural. Use more long-tail keywords.

Do not use more than 5 keywords as tags in your article.

Make a combination of your site's Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks so that the Nofollow backlink doesn't get too high.

Take backlinks from all types of top-level domains such as: .com, .net, .org, .edu, etc. If you have all kinds of backlinks, it will be much more natural.

Make some links every day. Because if you didn't create a link in one day and then maybe a week, Google would consider it a suspicious activity.

Increase the amount of activity on your social site

Create different types of content like video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and publish these content on various websites. There may be some sites, youtube.com, vimeo.com, slideshare.net, odiogo.com, etc.
Make a variety of backlink collections.
Ex; Social sharing,RSS, Forum etc.

Be a true source, that is, make the content of your site as good as anyone is forced to link to your site. The easiest and most difficult task.

Keep in mind that all the backlinks to your site do not come from comment, so the search engine will easily understand these to get your business backlinks. And most of the comments are followed.
Try to collect authority backlinks, which are highly valued by search engines. A backlink to a 3-4 PageRank site is much more valuable than a backlink to a new 5 PageRank site. Many more are naturalized whether natural backlinks. Hope you have some ideas on how to do a natural backlink.
The rest of you can understand yourself. The biggest way is to ask yourself if the work you are doing is natural - you will get the answer. And the mistake will be wrong.
There are many ways to build links. We will discuss these later. Now, of course, there are many previous methods that do not work. That's why Link builds up very sensibly.

Link Popularity

Link Popularity refers to how many backlinks your site has, such as the authority of backlinks, and many more elements inside it.
For example

What is the quality of the backlink page?

What is used as anchor text?
Age of Link (Now though it is not as important as before, it should still be emphasized).
Most importantly, the content of your site is relevant to the page from which you backlink.
From Backlink to Home, the content of your site is relevant to that page.
Ex: You may have made a backlink to the kindle site so that the content on the site may be Realestate so be careful - match the content.
Also how many Factor's do not have an end (because many Factor is still unknown)

Why is link popularity important?

You know that the website owner or webmaster does all the work on the page. So if he wants to, he can provide a variety of Fake information on his site (which may not be on his site) with which he may try to rank in the search engine.

That's why search engine link popularity is so important. Because people link to sites whose information is trustworthy and useful. So traditionally it is believed that the more backlinks to that site, the greater the credibility of that site. Search engines count a single backlink as a single vote. But people create backlinks in different ways to deceive search engines.
Like we should backlink to a trusted and informative site but we do not backlink to a site so that if I give him a backlink then he will also give me a backlink. The search engine nevertheless considers it as a factor of search ranking because it is a proven topic through which the search engine can determine the relevancy and credibility of a site.

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank (PR) Although this is a very backdated topic and you probably know something about it. Many people think that PR is used in search engine ranking. Again, many people think it is about a website that gives Google a green signal. Each of these words is partially true.

Google does not create search results with PR. This has an impact on the Google search ranking algorithm. You can not easily measure the PR of a website without Google alone. Yes you can say there are many tools for measuring PR. But none of them can measure PR precisely, because it is Google alone. Let's take a look at the PR of our example site. That's why we'll use the google toolbar.
Check out the pr 1 show on our home page. But the inner page shows pr 0. Since our page is a new page and we have not created any backlink, pr 1 is normal. And as you go towards the inner page you will see that the pr is decreasing, because the link juice on the inner page is less pass Even if the pr does not show on any page of your site, you have no reason to worry, because your page will index google exactly and you can rank high for this page. The following information will hopefully help you understand Google Page Rank: The right PR may not always show up. Because it is only updated a few times a year. New sites that have a few links do not usually show page rank. The deeper you enter the site, the lower the amount of PR will be. With PR you can get an idea of ​​the quality of your site but that doesn't mean that PR is low so my site is too bad or my site will never rank on Google. Since Google updates it very late, we can expect this tool to be unavailable in the near future.

There's nothing to worry about with Google PR. You will not consider this as the goal of your site. Because your main purpose will be to rank the search engine's search results. Make your site a Link-Worthy site, that is, enrich your site's content, add new essential services - so many people are forced to link to your site.

How to manage Backlink?

There are many ways to create a backlink, and if you search google for "how to build backlinks" you will get an idea of ​​how to build a backlink. It can be seen that some of the correct techniques, some mistakes and some techniques should never be forgotten, as it can be applied later because you may have problems with your ranking.

Do you know why you need a backlink?

The main purpose of the backlink was to bring in targeted traffic, suppose you went to buy a book, where you saw a link to a site that might sell not just books and many other home appliances, and you may have visited that site and found some things. Maybe you needed it at that moment.

Before the search engine came in, webmasters usually exchanged links to get these visitors. But Google is the first search engine to introduce everyone to the idea of ​​Link Popularity.

From then on the webmaster started competing for the backlink. Generally good and helpful sites should be backlinked, but many do not follow these rules. Usually, they are good to exchange a backlink to a bad site and linking to this bad site is a very bad decision for the web site. Never send requests to backlink to anyone automatically
Webmasters started buying links when backlinks were slowly becoming difficult. But because search engines never like Paid links
Paid links cannot be counted as a vote. Because it is not understood that your site is linked so link-worthy? In exchange for the money, you can get the link from anyone

So if the search engine realizes that it is a buy link then that site will be penalized.

For this reason, SE 5 types of purchase links are to be marked as sponsored links.

Again you can add the "nofollow" attribute to this type of purchase or bad quality link.

Avoid any kind of Tricks link building. Avoid any websites that accept any kind of link submission. Do not seek help from any type of link farm. Because they approve almost all general sites to increase their link popularity. Many people find that they create few sites and cross-link those sites. Neither should it However yes you can link if there is a content match between your sites.

As some of the more specialized directories, we can refer to the following directories. Hope you already know this. Ex:

  1. Article directories
  2. video directories
  3. RSS feed directories
  4. podcast directories
  5. software directories
  6. infographic directories
  7. wiki directories etc.
  8. How to contact different Blogger
  9. Bloggers that write about your industry
  10. Try to create a personal connection with them
  11. Never send them an automated request or e-mail
  12. Never send them copies of your press release.

Do content promotion properly

If you can do this you will get many visitors. You will get many backlinks and most importantly, the search engine will increase and increase your ranking.

How to create link-worthy content:

If you think of our example site, we can create some technical articles, where we might describe how we can download free books from other sites besides Amazon. In this post we will give a lot of screenshot step by step. That way we can create a post.

Then we can create a video tutorial on the same topic and embed it on our blog. We can upload it on youtube and other video sites.

We can create a video podcasts step by step on the topic of the Same topic and submit it to our site and various podcast directories. The purpose of creating different content on the same topic is to reach a wider range of visitors and at the same time we get backlinks from different places and some visitors.

When we publish content of different types of formats on different websites, we can make a press release on it, in different press release submit directory, such as: 24-7pressrelease.com

Then we can submit the RSS feed of our blog to various RSS blog directories. Some of these services are, Feedage, Feedzilla, etc. You can also visit this site, http: www.toprankblog.com / RSS-blog-directories or search Google by typing "Rss directory". You will find many sites.
If you wish, we can make an abbreviated version of our article and submit it to a different article directory. Some such sites are: article base, articles, articlealley, articledashboard, etc.
As a guest blogger I can write on various sites. With our site Relevant we can post good articles on various good authority blog sites, from here we can get backlinks.
Since our site is for selling amazon related products, we can use Amazon's deals of the day option and post about these deals of the day.
We can write our Free Kindle books tutorial in different foreign languages. First we focus on one language and then we can convert it to 8-21 language, so we can create new content strategy. Then we can announce about this content in English and another foreign language.

Write a post - how to charge kindle and how to download books (for other languages) and for that we can focus on some country. For this, we can provide step by step photographs that will help people understand. We can share photos via Flickr, then tag it with the keywords we want. If possible create a kindle community on Flickr.

Then interview an eminent journalist who knows your product or service. Then publish it on your blog. You can make a press release. Then you can mail interviews to various interested bloggers.

There are many other things you can do that will not cost you extra money, but yes you will need to spend time. And of course you can do these tasks through different outsourcers if you wish. Being an authority site is very time consuming and a long investment. You decide on your site according to your site type.

What do we mean by social media?

Social media is a place where people interact with people and interact with people.

For example:

  • forum
  • blog post (which accepts comments)
  • chat rooms
  • web 2.0 communities

What web 2.0 communities are thinking of some kind of website again - no reason to worry you can understand it by looking at the example, it seems to be talking too much - no let's look at the example.
Our Famous Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more such sites

Introduction to Social Media Marketing or SMM

SMM is a method by which you can reach your target audience and therefore you need to be an active member of various relevant communities and forums and participate in your market-related conversation.
You can simply call SMM online networking. As you all know we all love doing business with people we know. Because they like us, and those who like us, even if you don't
Advertise your product, buy the product if you need it and anyone familiar with it will recommend you if you want to buy it.

Many of you may be wondering what is the relationship between SMM and SEO?

Seems like two completely different characters.
For example: What we do with SEO is that we want people to find us, and through SMM we are going straight to the people themselves.
There are many people whose presence on the social site is very strong, they overlook traditional SEO, because they can reach their desired goals through SMM. But it's not a smart way. Because SMM, SEO does not substitute. We do not get any directly through SMM, and the links provided from social sites are usually associated with No Follow attribute. I can get a visitor through SMM, but keep in mind that this may or may not be an alternative to SEO. If you have created link-worthy content then you will automatically get different types of indirect backlink.

What other people are thinking or saying about you?

Are they talking about you Positive or Negative?

Should you respond to this discussion or not? -

Of course you may not be able to stop what people are saying, but of course you can try to take the discussion in your favor by participating in the discussion. For example, suppose your company has a lot of twitter followers. Suppose one of them has a problem, and he tweets about it and if someone in your company gives him instant customer service, then the person who got instant customer service must share your company name and Twitter link with others. Will share and tell you about your problem here, you will solve your problem

You might think about listening to social media marketing, don't you know? There may be more to learn or more to do. There's nothing scary about it, have you ever decided to buy a product or service before, after reviewing someone's reviews online, or from someone else's prior knowledge? Yes then you know a lot about SMM. To do this you need to gain credibility on various forums or on Facebook or Twitter.

You can share your prior knowledge on these sites. If you use the product or service, what opportunities do they have, what kind of problems might they have, ways to solve the problem - you can share them with them. If you are doing this honestly, your credibility will increase online as well as the volume of sales of the product or service will increase.

How to Start an SMM?

The problem we first encounter with any new topic is that we do not understand how or where to start. In fact, it is very important to start something properly, then the problem is lessened.

Do your market research first. Can you join a web2.0 site, so you can visit different types of websites, eg  Blogs, Articles, Videos, Tweets, Forums

You can also get help from Google to find your service-related blog, you can also get help from various blog search engines.

Google blog search
Then you can find the people in your Target Market using your own Searches of Twitter and Facebook. Create your profile on different social media

There are some factors to consider when creating a profile.

Do you use your own brand name?
Now if you think that using your name will increase your credibility, you can do so. But if you don't think I'll make my company a brand, you can also create a profile for your company name. But if your company is too big, you can create many profiles by keeping your organization's name the same.
When you get started, start with a few main accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.
Once the account is created on the main site, you can then create an account on another site. You can go to knowem.com site to find another site, here you will find many site names, which are divided into different categories. Customize your profile. For example, you can use your logo, brand colors on these sites.
You can also add a link to your website directly on some websites' bio.
Many people do not spend time on these social sites for busy, but if you link to your site, if someone else searches through your brand or name, they can get these results when searching.
Then your job will be to make new friends. This can be a daunting task if you create an account with a name other than your real name. Because people know you but may not know your new business name. That's why getting an account with a real name will give you some advantages. Here are some things you can do to make new friends:
Follow people you know, Slowly follow their friend, Then observe what they discuss, and slowly find the people who are interested in them and start following them.
Then you can find people you know with your email address or another social account id.

To manage everything better, Get involved with any community, Join in a variety of discussions

Always treat other members in a friendly and friendly manner. Don't beat your drum too much. Keep your eyes open. Never give up.

There are many things you need to take care of when joining an online community. As you know, there are many people who join these communities just to create a backlink. The owners of these forums, blogs or Web 2.0 services also know that these people are subscribed to the site just for spamming. So it is necessary to abstain from all these activities

I have to keep in mind that I will help this forum from the inside, and in return I will get some help. So if you want to get a better place in these Web 2.0 services, you will need a lot more support. When you have a good idea about your relationship slowly, you can do your promo, but be careful not to let anyone else get upset.

What you can do?

You can read the rules and regulations of the website when you make an account. Because many websites have rules that you can't link to the first few posts (related to the promotion of your product or site). If given, they will be considered as spam. Your account may even be Banned..

Some websites have a system that you can not link inside the post but can link to your profile/signature.

You know backlinks are a very important thing to Google. That's why search engine marketers place a lot of importance on backlinks.
So most websites add a 'no follow' attribute to their backlink options, so Google doesn't give it much importance or any kind of link popularity passes through it. However, there are several SEO guru disagreements about the importance of the no-follow link.

From the previous discussion:

Review your current posts, comments, articles, and so on.
Do they notice that they are talking about you?
Are they a part of your target market?
How good or bad is the culture of the community you are in?
If worse, it could be detrimental to your promo. Think about it well. Avoid controversial topics if possible.

You can also answer questions from various members of that community for drawing on social media. But be careful when giving questions, do not answer in such a way so that no one else is made short. Do not answer incorrectly in any way. It is better to not answer than to give the wrong answer. Of course, you need to know the snake you want to answer. This will gradually increase your loyalty to everyone.

If you are not very experienced about any topic, you can ask a little advance level questions on the topics currently running in the forum or ask to clarify something else. You can start a new topic yourself if you have the chance

Be careful about certain things, such as not wasting time on social media.

There are many people who waste a lot of time on social media. You can allocate a certain time of day for this or you can assign someone new responsibility for it.

Measuring your success:

Usually after SEO everyone wants to know its location in search engines. Because if you have a good position in Search Engine (SE) you will get a lot of free traffic and if you do not. But success should not always be measured by Ranking in SE.

Why not just do SE ranking measurements?

Ranking is always changing. For example, if you do a search with a keyword, the search result on your computer will not show the same result on your friend's computer. Occasionally changing your browser can also make your site ranking up-down. So do not think that the result is showing on your computer.

SE ranking is also based on geographical location. For example, if you are in the US, you will see one type of result and another in Bangladesh. If you change your state in America then the search result changes. If you want to provide business or services within the country, you can take the country extension like:. Then you will benefit from local SEO.

For the past few years, Google has shown its search results as personalized. For example: If you have an account on Google and you are logged in, then the results will show up. And if you don't have an account in Google then you will see some kind of results

Just because you have an account with Google means that Google knows a lot about your relationship and from there, he makes a personal search result according to your taste. Even if you are not logged in to your Google account, Google will still detect and display search results via a cookie. As you may not know, many times the search results show below, when you last visited the site.

Often times, you target too many keywords, and how many of them are placed in the 7th page on the page. There are many companies that may put you on the 5th page for those keywords that have no search or comparison, and you may also be happy to see that my site is moving into position no. In fact, there is nothing to be happy about because if there is competition among the 5, it will be the first.

Do you notice how your site is ranking for keywords?
There is no saying that your goal will be fulfilled only by ranking. For example, if you have an affiliate site and if you are on the 5th page of Google, you will get many visitors, it may be seen that you are getting a visitor but no sales. Then there will be no profit. Suppose you get 5,000 visits a day but 5 products are sold and 25 visits on the other side but 20 products are sold then which one is profitable, you say? So if you get good ranking in search engine, your purpose may not be fulfilled.
But the hope is that there are many types of web analytics out there that will allow you to easily measure your success. You need to use these tools to measure your success. We'll use Google analytics here, as it can be used for free.

How do you measure conversion and set your goal?
Conversion: Simply put, if a visitor comes to your site and performs a specific action, that is called a conversion. This is an important metric for SEO because it implies that you are getting what you want from a visitor on your site. Each site has one or more goals. When a visitor visits a site and completes that specific goal, it is understood that conversion has occurred.
The following is an example of some conversions

As someone may have decided that if a visitor comes to my site and submit a contact form, it will be considered a conversion.

Then newsletters can be sign-ups. Then you might want the visitor to actually visit a specific page, in that case it will be considered as your conversion. In that case, that would be considered as your conversion. And of course if a product is sold it must be considered as a conversion.
In the case of contact form, you must have a thank you page or another page if you submit a contact information. Which should be submitted in Analytics as the goal conversion page. This is very important for SEO, because you can know by analytic which keyword came from a visitor and met the goal.

Now let's look at the contact page of our example site.
If your contact page form is a goal, then if someone completes the information on this page's form and submits it, then you can give a thank you page.
Someone coming to this page means he or she completes your contact form and then comes to this page. So if anyone visits this page, it can be said that conversion has taken place.

Let's go back to google analytics. (This is why you should already have an account in google analytics. If you have trouble doing an account in google analytics, you will find many tutorials on this topic.) And one thing I have here is that the pictures I took earlier do not match the current Analytics, but the options are the same. You will find just a little. And I will upload new analytics images if I have the time.

When you click on Edit from the box, you add options to the new goal. Click here to get

Then complete the form shown in the image below.

When filling out the form here, keep what you understand as the default. Enter the Goal Name first, then put the Active Goal on, keep the Goal position the same, select the Goal type URL destination - the other two are a little more complicated. Then select Head Match from the Match Type of Goal Details as it will be easier to select. Enter Goal-URL Keep the Goal Value default, but if you already know what the value of each goal is, then you can fill it.

Finally save. This will allow you to easily determine your conversion volume, and you will also understand whether the keywords you are spending time with will meet your desired goals. If you find that you are not converting from what you are doing now, try some other way. Many times, having too much field in the contact form can cause problems, even for its design that may hinder your conversion. However, there may be times when your site is getting lots of visits but no conversions.

Traffic source

It's important to know where your site visitors are coming from. If you know it, it will be good for you. Because if you have a lot of visitors coming from the search engine, you can try to increase the amount of traffic from any other Traffic source without having to put any effort behind Seo.
Sign in to google analytics and look for the Traffic Sources option from here. The picture above also shows how much traffic we are getting and how much traffic is coming from a source. In the picture above, the majority of the traffic coming from our search engine is 1.5% and the direct and Referring site’s traffic is 1.5% and 8.25% respectively. Also, only 1.12% of traffic came from other sources.
Since most of our traffic is coming from a search engine, it can be said that our SEO technique is working well. But one of the bad aspects of it and if you become too dependent on search engines, changing the search system's ranking system will result in a dramatic change in your site's traffic. So be so dependent on the search engine. Your site can get 5% of the number of visits from search engine, but if you are dependent on SE, then you may get in trouble.
So if the traffic volume of Search Engine is high, try to increase the visitor from other sectors, so that there are no major changes in the search engine but you will not get too much trouble. And hopefully, you know how fast the Google search engine algorithm is changing, it's very difficult to keep up with. All the specialists in the world are not able to keep up with it - and who am I? So do not be afraid again. Working according to the system will bring success.

I have seen many people in our country who only claim to be link building and claim to be SEO expert and they are working on various freelancing platforms. I think they should learn and know a lot more because SEO is such a vast field that it will not only be about learning link building. Accessories matter a lot more. Even if they can't, at least there should be a minimum idea. So, I urge newcomers, you study SEO affiliate then do the jobs in this field. And SEO will get a lot of free resources on the internet, only to have to suffer. And there are many good institutions in the country nowadays. I think you can learn from that too.

However, if you wish, you can collect all the information from the Internet. After much talk, let's go back to work. Then go to the Keywords tab, From here you will know how many visitors you have received through any keywords. Google usually shows 50 keywords first but you can show more keywords if you want. Here you will find many keywords that we have optimized for our site, and keywords that we have not optimized.

Notice the picture above. Here we can order almost every information in Ascending or Descending order. For example, here is another column, how long it was on the site, the information that came out of the site as soon as you entered the site (bounce rate).

Now let's click on the landing page from the option shown next to the keyword and the visitor is coming to the first page.
Now if we sort it based on visits then we will see that most visitors are visiting the home page first. And one more thing, that is the page we are optimizing for that page, we get the visitor from that keyword. As we sell Amazon's Affiliate product on this site, the main goal of our conversion will be how many visitors have visited Amazon's site. Clicked an amazon affiliate link in the image above After sorting it we can see the target conversion for a phrase.
Now note that there are only 3 visitors coming for some keywords and 200% goal conversion rate is met to meet your goals, not just those who visit your site with this keyword will fulfill your goal. This success rate will decrease as the visitor increases. As you notice in our keyword kindle reviews, you can understand the reason.

So use your intelligence when doing these Value Analysis. This will gradually increase your site visits over time. And if that doesn't increase, try to figure out the reason for analytics. If possible, analyze the data of analytics 4 times per month.

Why we do not write on our site, and why we do not have the main purpose of how to increase visits to the site. That's why it's best if you check the results through analytics. This is why login to analytics first. Then go to the Traffic Sources option. Then find the referring sites and click here.
After entering here, you should first select the number of months of traffic you want to see at a time. If the number of visitors to your site is low then you can see data for 3-5 months at a time.
If you click on the link on twitter.com here, you will go to a more inner page and from here you will see, some of the twitter page we have received the visitor.
You can also go to the campaign option if you wish.

From here you can get to know the goals of your conversion goals. Visiting your site from social sites will make it difficult for you to meet your goals. But yes if you tell about your site on different social sites then your visits will increase and your chances of getting more conversions. 
You can visit this site to learn Google analytics 


  1. Always create a website for visitors. Because search engines aim to find the best searcher site. So if your site is good you will definitely be ranking.
  2. Choose keywords that are consistent with the content of your page, the search volume should be rough and not too competitive.
  3. Categorize your site nicely and sort the navigation just fine, use good anchor text and alt attributes to make it compatible with your site.
  4. Program your website in a way that is crawler-friendly. Your important keywords, such as Flash, Javascript, etc. should not be pressed down.
  5. Make sure to look at your site's Title Tag, Meta Description and Page headline so that they contain keywords. Page headlines should not be duplicated.
  6. Make the site so that others link back to you when they need it.
  7. Never worry about ranking because it's always changing

  • Build Online Link Partnerships with Different People
  •  Ex:The buyer
  • Associate
  • Different companies
  • The social sites you participate in.
  • Advertise your site in the right place.

Occasionally look at web analytics data and notice which strategy is working and which strategy is not working. Eliminate what's not working and move forward.

I will mention some names of websites to help you with Search Engine, from which you can get information about various new Strategies, Algorithm updates.
The Internet is a huge sea, information is very accessible here and anyone can easily retrieve it. But there is a problem, finding the right information from this vast ocean is a difficult task and there is also a lot of harmful information, which may harm your site's ranking.
SEO is actually one of the things where you always have to stay up-to-date and get to know the search engine's latest updates and work accordingly. That is why you need to be very careful collecting updated and reliable information

No amount of misinformation can be wasted on time and labor. That is why today I will share with you some sites that are very Reliable and I also follow the blogs of these websites. Because the world-renowned Seo specialist works here. Let's take a look at the names of the websites. Many of you have already heard the names of these websites.

The first and most important guideline you'll get from Google is why you can visit:

After visiting this site, you can find Webmaster Resources, below, from which you can view Guidelines, Help, Blog, Youtube. There is nothing more faithful than that.

The guidelines you find in the Google Webmaster Guidelines are always true.



Second, you can also visit Bing's Webmaster Blog. That sounds good to me too


You can visit Google's Matt Cutts blog and youtube channel.

Blog: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MattCutts

Very popular and Reliable site Seomoz can follow. Of course, I have seen that following this blog, you will get to know the various types of Google updates and the latest SEO tricks.



Then there are some beautiful Beginner Level tutorials you can follow on SEOBook.com.

Some more sites like this: searchengineland.com - This site usually gets new information every day, but not all have a reason to think it's important. And if you read it all and believe, information will be overloaded. 
outspokenmedia.com/blog - The article quality here is very good. From here you can get an idea of ​​how to write an article.
linkspiel.com - If you just want to learn the link building technique you can visit this site.
kaushik.net/avinash/ - If you want to know about web analytics, you can see.

The future of SEO

Those of you who are involved in more and more search engine optimization. They almost all know that the search engine is constantly changing its technique or algorithm and that it is slowly becoming more and more popular. Now with the results of the search engines we can easily find pages containing important information.

Any image that we upload through the search engine's image search will look like other image search engines. But even then we should create a crawler friendly site when building our site. Because search engines still can't crawl objects like javascript, flash, video, etc., so Avoid them as much as you can while creating a site.

You may have noticed, if a search engine is doing some search now, in front of us its shopping result, where are those keywords on social sites, what is its position on various online news sites? Etc. presents the information before us. If you are logged in to Google then it does not matter if Google analyzes your previous browsing history and will present the result to you.

At first I said one thing, and yet again, saying the same thing, if your site has relevant good content, then SEO should not worry you, no matter what kind of algorithm change - as was true 5 years ago from now. That is just as true.

Please let me know your valuable opinions!

Thank You

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